Common Core (60 min.)
Softscape Horticultural Principles (30 min.)
Irrigation Components (15 min.)
Softscape Plan Reading (45 min.)

You are given a landscape plan showing some of the details in a residential yard. It is inefficient to keep going back for additional materials, so your employer has put you in charge of calculating the materials required for this job. First, you need to be familiar with the scale on the plan and how to use an architect scale. Incorrect use of the architect scale will result in major errors, so be careful. Reading the north arrow is also important. You will be required to do some simple counting of items on the plan, but study the plan carefully to make sure you counted them all. Calculate the area of lawn and paving stone. Make sure you add up all the areas. Plant spacing also involves area calculation. To test of your geometry skills, you will need to calculate volume of materials. This requires calculating area first and then factoring in the depth of material.


Plant Identification – Problem 5.21 and 9.21 (35 min.)
You have arrived at a job site and are assigned 30 plants that have lost their tags and have only numbers on them. Match the plant numbers to the plants on the list given to you.

Basic Program Controller – Problem 5.22 and 9.22 (15 min.)
You have arrived at a work site and find the homeowner has changed the watering program on an irrigation controller. Program this controller, including correct date and time using the instructions provided by your company. Demonstrate how to manually activate one zone.

Lateral Repair and Head Adjustment – Problem 5.23, 7.23, 8.23, 9.23 (35 min.)
You arrive at a job site and are told an underground irrigation pipe has been damaged. You must first locate the problem, safely repair the line and flush the system. While you are on site, the homeowner asks that you adjust three sprinkler heads. Just your luck, each sprinkler head is different. Adjust these to ensure proper coverage.

Tree Planting and Staking – Problem 5.24 and 9.24 (35 min.)
You are on a city job and must carefully follow the tree planting details. There has been a problem with too many trees dying because they were planted incorrectly. The city forester will first test your skills, while leaving the tree in the pot. The details may be different than what you have been accustomed to using, but you need to show you can follow these instructions. After planting, you will need to stake the tree. Take note of wind direction.

Sod Installation – Problem 5.51 (35 min.)
This customer has only a small rectangular box that needs sod. Establish the correct grade, and prepare the base properly. Allow for the thickness of sod. Spread the fertilizer. Follow the instructions and install the sod. Use proper lifting techniques for sod.

Plant Layout – Problem 5.52 (35 min.)
The planting area provided is 20′ x 20′ (6 m x 6 m). An architect (metric) scale and a measuring tape are the only tools you need. The judge will provide a copy of the plan. Your task is to set the plants out according to the plan. You may make all your measurements first and write them on the plan provided by the judge. You may use flags to mark the plant locations first. Polyline or rope may be used to mark out the edge of the annual bed. Proper plant handling and lifting is also important.

Rototiller – Problem 5.53 (15 min.)
You are ready to till an area, but not sure who used the machine last. Make sure you are familiar with the operation of that specific rototiller before operating it. The site foreman will explain which area needs to be tilled. Check the area. Make sure the rototiller is ready to use and then proceed safely.