Common Core (60 min.)
Irrigation Components and Principles (30 min.)
Ornamental Maintenance Horticultural Principles (30 min.)
Ornamental Maintenance Calculations (30 min.)


Plant Identification – Problem 5.21 and 9.21 (35 min.)
You arrive at a job site and are assigned 30 plants that have no tags and have only numbers on them. Match the plant numbers to the plants on the list.

Basic Program Controller – Problem 5.22 and 9.22 (15 min.)
At the work site you find the homeowner has changed the watering program on an irrigation controller. Program this controller, including correct date and time, using the instructions provided by your company. Demonstrate how to manually activate one zone.

Lateral Repair and Head Adjustment – Problem 5.23, 7.23, 8.23, 9.23 (35 min.)
At the job site you are told that an underground irrigation pipe has been damaged. You must first locate the problem, safely repair the line and flush the system. While you are on site, the homeowner asks that you adjust three sprinkler heads. Each sprinkler head is different. Adjust these to ensure proper coverage.

Tree Planting and Staking – Problem 5.24 and 9.24 (35 min.)
On a city job you must carefully follow the tree planting details. There has been a problem with too many trees dying, because of incorrect planted. The city forester will first test your skills, while leaving the tree in the pot. The details may be different than what you are accustomed to using, but you need to show you can follow these instructions. After planting, stake the tree. Take note of the wind direction.

Chainsaw – Problem 6.25, 9.25 (15 min.)
You were not the last one to use the chainsaw. Check everything to make sure it is safe to use. Safety is most important when using a chainsaw. All safety equipment will be provided and needs to be worn. When ready, start the chainsaw and cut a section off the log.

Power Blower – Problem 8.26 (15 min.)
You are at a work site where the turf area is bordered by an office, driveway and walkway. It is a warm, summer day. The office windows are open and vehicles are present in the driveway. Upon arriving at the site, you will check and prepare the equipment for operation. Identify and remove any existing hazards prior to operating the blower. Then proceed to clean the areas with the blower. Once finished, clean the blower and prepare it for storage.

Pruning – Problem 9.91 (35 min.)
Before you start work on the pruning crew, you need to demonstrate your knowledge and abilities. Knowledge on basic tree structure, types of pruning and use of pruning tools will be tested. You will use a hand pruner for a few small cuts and then loppers to make a few larger cuts. You will then show which tools should be used to cut specific branches on the tree. These are only marked with clothespins and/or flagging tape. Next, point out branches to be removed from a shrub that is in need of pruning. The power shears have been checked and are ready to turn on and then off. Demonstrate your shearing technique with the shears off.